Missouri House Rabbit Society

-  Adoption Application -


Our adoption procedure is relatively simple. First, we require satisfactory completion of our pre-adoption questionnaire, found below.  Copy and paste the questions into an email, answer the questions in the same email, then send to us at:  mo_hrs@hotmail.com

After review, our chapter manager will arrange for you to visit the main foster home in Fenton to meet many of our available bunnies and to learn more about them. 

Please take the time to answer the questions which we ask of any person or family showing interest in adopting.  I'm sure you can understand our need to be certain that these bunnies are going to the best possible permanent, caring homes as a member of the greater family.  Please do not feel offended by any of these questions; they are standard questions we ask of everyone who contacts us about adopting.  It also helps us determine which bunny may be best for the person(s) inquiring, particularly for those bunnies having special needs.

We also ask that you do NOT get any type of housing, food, supplies, etc., before visiting to see the bunnies. There are many things sold for rabbits that are inappropriate for them, plus some types of items may be good for one bunny but not another - that is true of many food items.  You’ll learn more about this when you visit.  Please allow at least an hour and a half for your visit.

Copy and paste the questions below into your email.
Answer the questions in that same email, then send it to:  mo_hrs@hotmail.com

1. Do you live in your own house, an apartment, or still at home with your parents? -   
    If you rent, does your landlord permit rabbits? -

2. Have you had a rabbit before? -

3. If so, how long did you have your previous rabbit and what happened to him/her? - 
   (We are not trying to cause emotional pain, but sometimes we may be able to offer information you may not have had or known.)

4. Why are you considering a rabbit as a pet? -

5. Have you obtained information regarding rabbit needs, diet, behavior, etc.? -       If so, where?

6. Will the rabbit be housed indoors or outdoors? -                      In what location? -

7. What type of caging/housing will you be using? -                      What are the dimensions? -

8. Are there children in the home? -               What ages? -

9. Is the rabbit being obtained as a pet for the child(ren)? -

10. If the rabbit is being obtained for a child, is there an adult willing to be the primary caregiver? -

11. Will the rabbit be treated as a family pet? -

12. Will the rabbit be allowed lots of exercise/play time outside of his/her cage and lots of interaction with the family? -

13. Are there other pets in the family? -              What kind? -
     If dogs, please list how many and their breeds? -

14. Are you willing to handle this situation of multiple pet species accordingly? -

15. Is this bunny intended to be a bondmate for another family bunny? -            Is that bunny neutered/spayed? -

16. Does anyone in the home have asthma, grass/hay fever allergies or allergies to pet dander? -

17. Are you willing to use a qualified rabbit veterinarian? -

18. Do you already have a qualified rabbit veterinarian? -                If so, whom do you use? -

19. Are you aware of the cost involved with using a qualified exotics veterinarian? -

20. Are you willing to let us do an in-home visit prior to adoption to assure proper housing and exercise areas, as well as
     to suggest ways to "bunny-proof" areas accessible to the bunny? -

21. Are you willing to give this rabbit a home for the duration of his/her life? (possibly 10 years or more) -

22. Are you willing and able to provide appropriate medical care when needed? -

23.  Are you 21 yrs. old or older?    (Note: You must be over 21 to sign a legal contract.)

24. Please provide your name, address, phone number(s), and preferred email address:

First and Last Name:

Street Address & Apartment # if applicable:




Phone number:

Email address:

Any other notes you would like to include:


Important information:  PLEASE READ.

All of our bunnies have had a well-bunny check from a qualified veterinarian highly trained in rabbit medicine. 

They are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

We charge an $85 adoption/donation fee for each rabbit or $125 for a pair, which includes a one year membership in our local HRS chapter.  This cost is lower than our own cost to get it done.  We do not make a single dime on adoptions.

These funds are used to help cover the costs we incur in getting the bunnies spayed or neutered. We maintain almost 200 fosters at any given time.  Each time a bunny is adopted another one is rescued.

Please be aware that having a rabbit spayed/neutered on your own by a qualified veterinarian (one who has specifically studied rabbits) is around $275-350.  This is extremely important for both health and behavior reasons.

Please note: We do not do same day adoptions.  If you decide after your visit that a bunny would be a good animal companion for you and saw one you fell in love with we will be happy to put a hold on that bunny (no deposit is required) so that you have time to get the things you need for that particular bunny and get ready to bring him/her home. It is much easier that way than finding out something you purchased ahead of time is very unsuitable for the bunny.

You are also invited to our local chapter meetings the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall of the Humane Society of Missouri on Macklind Avenue. We welcome visitors--human and bunny--to our meetings!  Our meetings cover a range of topics which include diet, health, playtime, etc.  Plus it's a great way to meet and socialize with other bunny owners and their rabbits. FREE nail trimming is always available for your bunny.

Thank you in advance for answering these questions and for considering adoption of a rescued bunny. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Very sincerely,
Missouri House Rabbit Society   
HRS MO St. Louis