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Missouri House Rabbit Society - St. Louis
HRS is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax - deductible.
P.O. Box 6362, Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-6362, USA    Phone: 314-995-1457    Email:  
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Buying animals from pet stores or breeders adds to the tragedy of pet overpopulation.

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Adoption Dates and Process
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Saturday, April 4 Outreach Events:  We are inviting the public to meet and learn about bunnies at two locations: Fenton City Park and Brentwood Boulevard near the Galleria.  This is the Saturday before Easter (April 5) and a perfect time to educate people that bunnies are NOT Easter gifts.  If you can help, please contact Marjorie Manahan:

Sunday, May 3, our first 5K Run: Save the date and join us to run or walk in the "Hare and Tortoise" which will start and end in Fenton City Park, following a scenic route along the river.  Details to follow.
Check out: our "Buy to Benefit MOHRS" page to find businesses who donate a portion of sales to bunnies. These businesses have items that would be great all season gifts for humans and pets!  Jewelry, candy, pet toys and more!
Bunny Lovers Work Together to Make a Difference - Bunny Transport to Minneapolis: Bunnies are very popular family pets in Minnesota and their popularity is reflected in the large numbers of bunnies placed for adoption by the Animal Humane Society of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society.  Both organizations had space so, on January 26, we delivered 35 of our adoptable rabbits to them in a heated, state-of-the-art transport vehicle owned by the Humane Society of Missouri, St. Louis.  The society generously offered the vehicle at no charge and Mike Perkins, head of the Humane Society's Animal Cruelty Task Force, kindly offered to be the driver.

Paperwork had to accompany each bunny and Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital came to our shelter on Sunday to give each bunny a health exam.  When Mike Perkins arrived at our shelter at 5:45 a.m. Monday, our volunteers were ready: They placed towels in the kennels, then the bunnies.  Each kennel got a name tag, bowl of water and handfuls of hay and parsley.  The transport departed at 7am, followed by Joy Gioia, our chapter manager, Judy Jauer and Pat Daly in Joy's vehicle.  We arrived 10 hours later at the Animal Humane Society and the unloading began.  Volunteers of the Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society took 11 buns in their vehicles for delivery that evening to private foster homes and staffers with the Animal Humane Society placed the remaining 24 bunnies in their rabbit habitat.

  Alabama Cruelty Case: 
Will you take 30 seconds to sign a petition to save rabbits?

This link takes you directly to the place to sign:

Please share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends so they can sign too!

Explanation: The petition urges a district attorney in Alabama to give 161 tame rabbits - just like the rabbits we have as our companions - to rescue groups.  The rabbits were removed from a terrible situation where they were suffering, but the district attorney placed them in an equally terrible situation by sending them to a breeder where they will live their lives in tiny breeding cages or face death.   Oddly, the district attorney placed the cats, dogs and other animals in shelters and rescues.  It was only the poor rabbits that were sent to a breeder.

The House Rabbit Society is outraged and is begging us to help right this terrible wrong.  Margo DeMello, president of the national House Rabbit Society, wrote:

"Our Alabama educator is pleading with District Attorney Chris Connolly to release the rabbits to the local shelter so the rabbits can go to rescue groups. We want to save these rabbits - not see a breeder profit from them!  It does not seem right for a breeder to profit from animals seized in a cruelty case."

To learn more about the animal cruelty case, click on: