Millie says: "NO animal should be used as prizes or toys at any event or party."  Click HERE to find out what you should do
                  if you see this happen.  Baby bunnies are currently being given away as prizes! To sign a petition to stop this   
                  horror, visit:

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Please do NOT go to a pet store!  Purchasing animals from pet stores adds to the tragedy of pet overpopulation.

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Summer Heat Hazards for Rabbits!

Rabbits can not sweat.  The only way they have to release heat is from the large veins in their ears.  Be VERY careful about exposing rabbits to heat outside, in your home, car etc.  If you must transport your bunny in hot weather, put ice packs in the pet carrier with bunny to help keep cool during trip.    Bunnies quickly die from overheating.

Inside, move bunny crates away from windows and direct sunlight.  Keep bunny in a cooler room.  A room temperature of 80 degrees or above is dangerous for rabbits.  If your A/C breaks down, move bunny to safe, cool, dry basement area until repairs are complete.  If not possible, repeatedly put cold water on your bunny's ears, making sure it doesn't run down into the ear canal.   Have frozen bottles of water ready for this emergency. Put them in with bunny as some rabbits will lie next to the bottles or will straddle them trying to cool down.  You will also need to take his/her temperature periodically and make sure it remains in normal range. HRS can teach you how to do this safely. Email  or call 314-995-1457 for info.

Another option is to call your bunny vet or HRS to inquire about boarding your bunny in a safer environment until the dangerous situation is over.  Click HERE for our veterinarian page to inquire about emergency boarding.  Email  or call 314-995-1457 to inquire about emergency boarding with HRS.
Additional important information from HRS National:

Warm weather concerns :
Fly Strike -  a life threatening situation:
One of the many reasons rabbits should be "houserabbits", but even bunnies who never go outside can have this happen.  All it takes is one fly to get inside your house. Learn how to prevent it:
Foods suggested for a healthy bunny:                                                     
What's next?  Our other most popular companion animals: dogs and cats?  This is a very serious situation.
Once a business venture starts rolling, it's very hard to stop it.  This needs to be stopped now while it is still a "pilot program".  Missouri is one of the states included in the pilot program. Please let Whole Foods know you will NOT stand by while this happens. Tell Whole Foods to STOP NOW! (Remember the saying - all that's needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.)

Email Whole Foods directly:
Ways you can help stop this horror:
Specific plans being made and how you can help:

Please share this info on Facebook, Twitter, BunSpace, Pinterest, other social media sites, emails, your own blog, put up signs...anything you can, anywhere and everywhere!  The animals need us NOW!
News from National House Rabbit Society: 
Whole Foods Sells Rabbit Meat!
Rabbits are the third most popular furry pet in the United States today. Despite their elevated status as cherished pets and widespread recognition that rabbits are intelligent sensitive creatures, Whole Foods Market has launched a pilot program of killing bunnies and selling their carcasses. Please join us in expressing our horror at this barbaric exploitation of these beloved companion animals. Check with your local House Rabbit Society chapter and online
at for information on days of action, petitions and other ways in which you can participate and promote the welfare of our special furry friends.
New "Tilt" (formerly Crowdtilt) Campaign!
The Bunny House Garage  
Need funds pledged by Wed. September 17th.

It's hard to believe we bought the building to be our bunny shelter and headquarters one year ago and it was all thanks to the many people who support what we do.  It was a hard winter helping three different confiscations and placing so many bunnies, but we did it.  One thing we found out is that our supplies take up an enormous amount of room and it's room that's needed as exercise space for our foster bunnies. 

We've been offered a really good price on obtaining and having built a 24' x 30' garage in which we can store our pallets of hay, pallets of litter, the forklift and the heavier items that we now have to drag up and down the stairs from the loft.   It will open up a large area of our back area space now used to house those items so we can expand the exercise pens area.  This will make it much easier to get bunnies out of their cages for fun and run time. 

Just like when we got the building, though, we need our supporters to help make this come true.  Our option on getting the reduced price on the garage is limited so we have to move quickly.  We had the same thing happen when the building became available and we needed to procure enough money to make a down payment.  We used Crowdtilt for that and you made it happen.  

Crowdtilt has become Tilt, but it's the same place and we're hoping you can help us make this happen, too.  As a 501(c)3, all volunteer organization, every single penny donated goes directly to helping our bunnies and that also means donations are tax deductible.  Please help us make housing our supplies easier and provide more play room for the bunnies.   Thank you!       

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We need room to run so we can stay healthy. Please help!